Bikes 'n' Brew riders find the ride tough but satisfying. We get the climbing out of the way in the first half of the ride, and the second half of the ride is mostly downhill.

-We'll start the day right with a quick drink at Hair of the Dog Brewing, then take the Springwater Corridor out to Boring.
-Join up with 26, and take it right up Mt. Hood like we just don't know any better, stopping at Joe's Donuts for an apple fritter on the way.
-Second stop: Mt. Hood Brewing. This is about 4 miles below the pass--a sampler of Ice Ax is just what you need to propel you to the top of the hill.
-Take 35 when you come to it. Enjoy mad downhilling action and take some back roads to...
-Third stop: Solera Brewery.
-Annoyingly persistent rolling hills take us generally down to Hood River, where we'll stop for well deserved beer and pizza:
-Fourth stop: Double Mountain Brewing.

Here's a Google map of the route; see below for basic statistics and a chart of the ride's elevation changes.

Total distance: 102 miles
Climbing distance: 26 miles
Descending distance: 27 miles
Total elevation gain: 8,600 feet

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Excessive drinking while cycling may lead to disabling injury, serious disfigurement or death for you or your fellow cyclists. Bikes 'n' Brew encourages you to drink responsibly while riding.